Thursday 24 January 2019

Democrats: America's Bolsheviks...............from Rico

If you want to really understand the Democrats of America today, you need to know the history of the Russian Communist Party.
- The goobers at MS13DNC and the rest of the assholes waving the Red Flag of Socialism and peddling Socialist propaganda while calling themselves the MSM and masquerading as 'journalists' will not be 'splaining this to you anytime soon.
The Russian Social Democrat Party [name ringing any bells for you?] was controlled by the Menshevik faction, who were a clear majority from soup to nuts [For Oamunistas and those still with HER read: start to finish] until Lenin's radical minority extremist  splinter group [Bolsheviks] lied, manipulated language*, cheated, bullied, and out-thugged them...much like today's Democratic Socialists have to gain control of the former party of JFK.
* Bolshevik or Bolsheviki in Russian means "majority, one of the majority"...which Leninists never were, and were not, they were however more violent and much bigger assholes than the Menshevik's who were the actual majority were. You are 'seeing' the similarities between yesterday's Communist Bolsheviks and today's Democrats, yes?

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