Saturday 12 January 2019

Democrats Are More Equal...................from Rico

In our 'new Socialist utopia' the Democrats (C) are Hell-bent on creating:
- Everything right is Wrong
- Masculinity is Toxic
- Feelings trump [hahahaha] Facts
- and while I could go on-and-on seemingly endlessly like Tennyson's "Brook" I think you have the idea here, so will end with:
- Even POGO was wrong! We have met the enemy and they are Democrats!
Which segues neatly to Chinese-Communist compromised Diane Feinstein (C-CA) who is a devoted enemy of the Constitution and the 2A in particular.
- In brief, she is an IDIOT. But to clarify, she is a willful idiot...having wittingly and voluntarily chosen to be an enemy of 'We the People' and Liberty.
My point? Remember this one thing, and everything else is made crystal clear:
- On the Socialist Animal Farm, Democrats are more equal than anyone else!

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