Sunday 6 January 2019

Free Stuff Insanity - Why Migrants Cross Continents And Oceans...........from Dan T

Everyone with a modicum of common sense will know that easy access to generous welfare benefits are the overriding reason why immigrants will risk life and limb on a perilous journey to clamber ashore a tiny, wet and windswept island in the north Atlantic

As well as passing through safe countries they will cross deserts, continents and oceans to get their grubby hands on benefits that the ordinary hardworking, tax paying British people are denied.

In order to stifle the truth, the open border and welcome refugees crowd, including the government, denounce anyone pointing this out as racist and xenophobic while accusing these truth tellers of hate speech/hate crimes leaving them open to prosecution.

The details of these benefits are not widely known so here is the inimitable Katy Hopkins giving a brief explanation and links to the offending document she's holding.

See it all here 

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Sabre22 said...

That would make a very nice gunnery or torpedo target. A ship standing still would be good practice for a beginning gun or torpedo crew