Monday 14 January 2019

Government Shutdown, the Horror, the Horror..................from Rico

The Democrats really-really care, and they share your pain and concern over the 'government shutdown'
...would they LIE to you?
- They are currently holding intense daily discussions to ponder burning issues like (a) "Do Americans 'miss' being molested by their 'Uncle' yet?" or (b) "Whatever will they DO without government?" and not least (c) "What SPF is this suntan lotion?"...because they care, they really-really care! They wouldn't shit you Mr & Mrs America, you're their favorite turd!
Meanwhile back in the real America, many deplorables are busily shoveling snow instead of political bullshit and nary a one has yet 'missed' anal probing by Uncle Sam and the Big-government Democrats.
- To paraphrase Col Kurtz "the horror, the horror!"

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