Friday 18 January 2019

Heads Up America: After your gang-bang..................from Rico

Communism, Socialism, or matter what you may call it, is a political philosophy and theory with all the content and substance of dehydrated water.
- Doubt this? Just look at its most ardent followers, like Dyslexia Ocrazio-Retardez, Che Guevara, ad nauseum.
The 'new face of the Democrat Party' has just said she was going to further the 'progressive/socialist' program by 'running train' on America in Congress. [for normal people, read: running train means serial gang-raping; yes, this Socialist cvnt just said she was dedicated to gang-raping America for Socialism.]
- Think about that for one moment. 
Understand this about Communists, Socialists, and Progressives...whatever you may call them. Their motives and goals are so pure, that anything and everything (no matter how grotesque or inhuman) is justified to achieve their utopia. [think: the end justifies the means]
- They are willing to kill you to reach their utopia, and are always just one murder shy of attaining it.
At least Dyslexia intends to see that you are given a thorough 'seeing to' a la' Ambassador Stevens or Muammar Khaddafi first...

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Anonymous said...

I miss the old days sometimes. Days when a marxist bitch like this could be sent to Hell, where she absolutely belongs, by one well placed small caliber round into her ugly head.