Monday 14 January 2019

High Table or Alley?.....................from Rico

Few consider where they will be sitting when the financial "banquet of consequences" happens.
- Hell, few ever consider that there are consequences to financial matters at all...this is the inevitable result of a Keynesian debt-fueled economic system supported by debt-money.
You can ignore financial reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of financial reality...and they won't ignore you.
- When income/cash-flow stops, so do service payments on debt owed.
If you own assets, keep fixed-costs low, and hold no debt you will survive [read: solvent vs insolvent, liquid vs illiquid].
- This will determine where you will be at the 'banquet' the high table, at the foot of the table, waiting on the table, working in the kitchen, or in the alley begging for kitchen scraps.
This is true for individuals, states, and countries.
- Look to one of the formerly-known-as-richest countries in the world aka Venezuela now that it has gone full-on Socialist.

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