Friday 4 January 2019

'Historic' isn't always 'good'..................from Rico

America is about to learn what happens when Botox stops working, even when injected deeply.
- It had no effect on improving IQ or personality anyway, so it's hardly likely to retard Alzheimer's either.
Meanwhile, the kept-whores of the Leftard MSM are wetting themselves and drooling with delight over Nazi Pelosi's second House Speakership. Oh yay.
- The likelihood that 'historic' new depths of bat-shit crazy, senility, and frankly abject stupidity is hardly thrilling...nor should it be, unless you're a moron, Democrat, or Communist. But I begin to repeat myself.
Remember that other 'historic' episode when a Communist Indonesian Muslim was 'elected' President? Twice?
- That was indeed One Big Ass Mistake America. EPIC!

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