Monday 21 January 2019

It was never that way, and it's still not....................from Rico

While people may dimly recall Dan 'false, but could be true' Rather's having been exposed for spreading FAKE NEWS...and some even credit him today for being the Father of Fake News...FAKE NEWS has been around a lot longer than that.
- Borrowing his signature phrase from a series of 'educational films' Walter Cronkite the flaming Communist made "And You Were There."
Walter 'we have 'lost' Vietnam/Tet offensive reporting' Cronkite was even more instrumental than John Kerry or Jane Fonda in undermining US efforts to save the Republic of South Vietnam from Communist North Vietnam.
- Walter was once dubbed "The Most Trusted Man in America" to which I must retort that he was "The Most Trusted Communist in America."
- Walter's signature broadcast sign off was "And that's the way it is..." to which, again, I must retort "It was never that way, and it's still not today."
Lying media bastards...always have been, still are.

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