Tuesday 1 January 2019

Not a bad idea, but.......................from Rico

This is really not a bad idea, though I doubt even that would overcome the deafening roar of stupidity emanating from the Democrats and/or bring their fantasy balloon back to reality.
- An Angel Dad has opined that Dem Poliicians should 'have one of their loved ones murdered by an illegal alien.'
Here's an even better idea:
- Every time an American citizen is murdered by an illegal alien, a randomly-selected Dem politician is executed.
Fair is fair.

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Anonymous said...

Rico, that is the absolute best suggestion for our Marx loving democrats! An excellent idea but why stop there.

I suggest that every time an illegal commits any kind of crime, that a random local and leading Democrat, along with his or her family, be snatched and subjected to the same crime. Rape, murder, robbery, assault, shooting, stabbing, ad nauseam. Give them exactly what they want to perpetrate upon the US citizen.