Saturday 12 January 2019

Phones..................from Rico

I had a cellphone for almost 10 years. It was great!
- It made calls, and took calls. Period. Then is died last year, and was so out-of-date nobody but nobody could replace it...not even the battery. Obsolete.
Then I was forced to replace it with a flat, iPhone-esque touch screen phone. App's that I never used, internet capable that I never used, camera that I never used, .txt capable that I never used. BUT the swipe-screen usually wouldn't allow me to answer my calls, and they went to 'missed calls' where I had to wander through multiple menu's to see what call I had 'missed' thanks to this 'cool new' phone, so it had that going for it.
- All I wanted was to make calls and take calls, something this thing was erratic at. I replaced it.
When going backward can be forward motion. I found an almost obsolete, and soon to be extinct, flip phone. I should have bought two of them to have a spare (at $10 vs $1,000 it was a bargain)!
- It has buttons, a screen, and looks a lot like the attached. The clamshell case means no accidental butt-dials. It makes calls and takes calls.
Back to all I ever wanted from a cellphone, and not what some geek-boy decided for me that I 'want'...NIRVANA.


pkerot said...

I have been using flip phones for all these years and I bought another in case this one quits

drew458 said...

And if you get Net10 as your carrier, it will cost you just $10 per month. Not $150, not even $40. Ten bucks.

I have also gone over to a smartphone, but I still have my little Samsung flip phone that's lasted me 7 years so far. It holds a charge for about 3 weeks of use, or 2 months of idle, while the smartphone folks trumpet their latest batteries that will give you a whole 10 hours of run time.