Wednesday 9 January 2019

President Trump and Brexit Are Threatening the Axis of Evil..................from Dan T

One of the notable consequences of the election of President Trump in the USA and the decision of the British people to leave the European Union is the emergence of the borderless one world globalists from the dark recesses of government from which they operate.

The epicentres of the organisation who’s dedicated mission is to destroy the independent nation states of the world are the United Nations in New York and its bastard offspring in Brussels, the European Union.  

Nationalism and sovereignty are two words that are striking fear into heart of every globalist who has spent their entire career eating away at the body politic and borders of independent nation states from their UN/EU headquarters.

These two words took on an added potency when they were uttered with absolute conviction by President Trump when he addressed the UN Assembly. As a staunch believer in nation state democracy he made it abundantly clear that he will put his country and his people first and maintain its status as an independent, sovereign nation in perpetuity.

His words were perfect and brought cheer to heart of every patriot and lover of liberty but must have struck like a stake through the heart of every globalist worldwide.

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