Monday 28 January 2019

RINO Hunting in Arizona...................from Rico

Arizona finally 'gets a clue' from Arizona just in that is being called a "blow to Arizona GOPe establishment" is that Dr. Kelli Ward has taken Chairmanship of Arizona's Republican party...unseating the RINO's who have been in control.
- Arizona has provided too many establishment RINO's in the past [think: McVain, Flake] and recently walked the edge of insanity by elected Democrat Communist Open-borders Bisexual Code Pink Radical 'Krispy' Sinema as Senator. [reminder: the one who alternates dressing like a 'takes all comers' streetwalker or a pink fairy in a tutu]
Take away: Arizona DOES 'need' a wall...a Big Beautiful keep the crazies from leaking-out of their asylum in Commiphonia into Arizona!

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