Thursday 3 January 2019

Romney is 'behind' Trump.................from Rico

RINO Mitt Romney is 'right behind' Trump.
- Trump knows this because he 'feels' him there...often.
Who needs 'fruits and nuts' like the Democrats when you can always count on RINO's to be 'flakes' helping you make each day 'regular?'
- American 'politicians' are ALL highly-polished professional turds.


Mark Matis said...

You say:

"American 'politicians' are ALL highly-polished professional turds."

I would opine that President Trump is not, and THAT is why the One World Government crowd despise him so. And I would add Duda and Orban the rest of the leaders daring to stand against the evil are ALSO not highly-polished professional turds, but are instead decent human beings who actually want their countries to remain sovereign, and want to preserve Western culture. And I would add President Putin to those names as well.

Anonymous said...

MUCH easier to stab someone in the back if you are standing behind them ;-(