Thursday 24 January 2019

Stupidity...................from Rico

Toxic Stupidity.
- The 'problem' goes much deeper than what you 'see' on the surface of it.
Sure, Barry Obunghole was a prolonged 'period' of "toxic femininity" as SoyBoy-in-Chief.
Sure, Trump is a brief opportunity to try and stem the Leftist 'flow' of "toxic stupidity."
Sure, the Leftards are slow to grasp reality (as is usual for them) and their 'string is still hangin' as they try to cure "toxic masculinity."
BUT the real problem is that roughly half the population today suffers from "toxic stupidity".....well, that plus Darwin's failure to sort them out properly.
- The other half of the real problem is that the roughly other half of the population that is sane, fails to understand that "kindness to the insane is cruelty to the sane." 
So who are the truly "toxic stupid" ones?

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