Thursday 17 January 2019

Thank You DemocRATS..................from Rico

- I really mean that...
They gave America "OK" in 1840 in support of Martin Van Buren's re-election campaign.*
- He didn't get re-elected btw.
DemocRAT Queen Rat aka Hillary elected Trump in 2016 with her "deplorables" snarkiness.
DemocRAT Muslima Princess just re-elected Trump in 2020 with her 2018 MotherFucker tirade.
Yep! Trump is exactly the Mother Fucker America needs to flush-out the 'swamp' and all the Hate-America-First MFCSPOS critters that are infesting the place.
- Trump is MY MF'er for 2020!!!
That '60's Communist chant "up against the wall motherfucker" is finally going to karma-like turn around and bite these idiots in the ass.
- It's time...
*DemocRAT supporters claimed "OK" stood for Van Buren's birthplace in New York State (Kinderhook).

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