Wednesday 16 January 2019

Thanks Gillette, you SJW pansies....................from Rico

As if a man needed another good reason to grow a beard, comes Gillette gone full-tranny/girly-man and putting an entirely new 'face' on things. I'm calling them Girlette from now on.
- I'm also using Harry's from now least until they get the same genius marketing director Gillette had and rebrand as Harriette.
I'm with EARL [the Earl of Taint] and laughingly 'expect' Gillette to launch their new "Girlette TRANS3" any fucking day now, right sweetheart?
Sent from the manly trenches in the War on Toxic Masculinity.
- "So there I was..."
Oh, and PS: I'm with Jack on this one. Fuck You Gillette!

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Anonymous said...

Harry's is as big a SJ fan as Gillette