Tuesday 15 January 2019

That WAS Gillette......................from Rico

From the annals of Epic Stupidity, the long-time maker of men's grooming products [razor blades, think: look sharp] Gillette has gone full-frontal Soy-Boy and launched an advertising campaign...directed at men...promoting the 'pussification' of men and attacking their 'toxic masculinity.'
- Farkin' genius, eh wot?
Yes, for those who think Hillary's "deplorables" remark was THE height of epic stupidity and dumbassery, you'd better think again!
- It's as if Gillette has taken up the challenge and told Hillary "Here, hold my triple-soy decaf latte and watch this!"
They may yet claim to make 'sharp' razor blades, but they clearly are not the 'sharpest' thinkers running range-free today.
- History will now be able to say "That WAS Gillette" but no one will be asking 'how are you fixed for blades' much less repeating their old slogan "Look Sharp_Feel Sharp_Be Sharp."
For those that 'miss' the Friday Night Fights that were sponsored by Gillette, be of good cheer...rumor has it that they will be sponsoring Friday Night Ribbon-twirling if their talks with "RuPaul's Drag Races" fall through.

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