Thursday 31 January 2019

This'll 'warm' you up................from Rico

Feeling the cold?
THis is ga-ron-teed you 'warm you up' faster than a jug of white lightning (or 'splode' as it's called around heah, as in: a sip of this'll make your 'haid splode' pard!).
Remember the sight of "serial-loser, congenital liar, money honey, and sloppy drunk" hawking her latest, book at Costco?
Yeah, the side-splitting laughter that this fat Communist harridan thought it was 'her turn' like being POTUS was a game of duck-duck-grey duck will not only warm you, but give you insight to the thought process of a chronically pickled sociopath.
- Then there are those loyal supporters that are still 'with her' to laugh at...

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