Sunday 20 January 2019

Trump 'rope-a-dopes', Dem's...................from Rico

He later changed his name to Ali, but I remember him as young Cassius Clay.
- A gifted athlete and boxer, he was famous for 'float like a butterfly - sting like a bee' and the 'rope-a-dope!'
Trump goes waaay back with Cassius aka Ali, and the author of "Art of the Deal" is no dope.
- He IS crazy like a fox, and kicks like a mule.
He is NOT a politician. He's too smart for that.
- The 'politicians' (both Dem's and RINO's alike) throw themselves off-balance in their eagerness to 'land one' on Trump's chin, only leaving themselves wide open to a good, swift, mule kick! [read: Suckers get themselves rope-a-doped AND sucker-punched.]
Here we have a taste of Trump's playing 'rope-a-dope' on the political crapweasels yet again!
- Trump [not a sucker] makes what seems to be a sincere, bipartisan, offer of 'a compromise' to end the shutdown and fund his border Wall.
- Democrats [suckers] rabidly reject same, pre-offer btw, with NO DEAL! Yeah...Schmuckie-Nancie-and Turban Durbin are ALL precisely that dumb!
- The dopes aka Democrats effectively said "fuck no."
- They will in turn be 'surprised' when they get sucker-punched with a hearty well just go "fuck off" then.

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Allen said...

didn't I read something about after 30 days Trump can start laying those fed workers off permanently?

guess where we are on the shutdown today...go on..guess....