Thursday 17 January 2019

Understanding Communist PC-speak for Sheeple.................from Rico

The Cultural Marxists cleverly misuse words to 'mask' their true actions and intentions.
- This tends to cornfuse the Sheeple, and that's the entire purpose.
Case in point: Political Correctness [PC]. It can easily be defined and explained as (a) anything 'we' the people's commissars and/or the people's party [read: Cultural Marxists] do not like or agree with is 'hate speech' and (b) 'we' will tell you what you are allowed to say, because it's for your own good.*
- Short version: STFU.
Now you know.
*You really, really, do not want to take that walk down the hallway to the door you never arrive at, do you Comrade?

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