Wednesday 9 January 2019

What IS that awful smell?...................from Rico

What IS that awful smell?
- Vinegar?
- Embalming fluid?
The Democrat [read: Communist] 'rebuttal' of Trump's  first national address, in a word...stank! It simply reeked of the kind of "CHANGE" Americans don't want, and never wanted...Obamunist Change [read: changing America into another shitty Socialist dicktatorship].
- Nancee & Schmuckie managed to simultaneously 'look' like they had each eaten a jar of pickles and/or been embalmed.
THIS is the 'face' of the Democrat Party (C), changing 'American Gothic' into 'American Tragic'...
- At least NOW YOU KNOW what happened to those two really creepy kids in the hallway from "The Shining"...

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