Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Yesterday morning while driving in to work.......

.....I was listening to the news when they spoke about 2 Jews being attacked by someone in Crown Heights, B'klyn.
For those of you who don't know anything about Crown Heights I will try to give you a little background. I grew up there so I know the area quite well. When I lived there it was almost a completely Jewish neighborhood.

Today it is lived in mostly by Jews and Negroes.

When a Negro is involved, whatever the crime is, one never either sees a picture of the criminal or hears any word to indicate that the perp is Black. I would venture to say that every mugging against Jews in Crown Heights or any other criminal act happening there is by a Negro or a group of Negroes.

The Negroes have intimidated the Media to fear being called a racist by the Racist Negroes who are the #2 anti-Semites in the US.

Apparently it is OK to be a Racist if you are a Negro. No penalties or any criticism from anyone about the vile bigotry they practice today. Read one of Farrakhan's diatribe and you will think that Hitler has come back to life but with black skin. The list of Negro leaders who encourage their people that the Jews are their bitter enemies is huge and growing rapidly. I wondered why these despicable Negroes all who have tremendous influence over the Negro People, chose the Jews? I imagine that they wanted to pay back the Whites for their slavery days. However their were too many whites but the Jews are a small tiny group of whites and despite all that Jews have done for them, they don't give a damn. Farrakhan, Wright, Jackson, the Black Caucus, Sharpton, and too many others to list set the tone for the Negroes who, like the slaves of pre Civil War days and follow there Masters, as in the Slave Days. and obey every thing that they tell them to do. Obama was and still is very cozy with Farrakhan and Wright. There is even a US senator who plans on attempting to be the second Negro president, Cory Booker who is very close to Farrakhan

At my age I won't be alive to see the end of the US when this growing group of haters become the majority and whites become the minority. Occasionally I hear the Negroes being called a minority. That is a joke.

I have been student of the rise and fall of Hitler. When he first became the head of Germany after General Von Hindenburg died he felt that the best way to get rid of the Jews would be to pay their expenses if they would leave the country. Very few Jews took him up on this offer. The ones who didn't thought that Hitler's hatred was nothing but talk and no one ever thought that he would end up killing them. Hatred was nothing but talk and once in charge he would cool down. Well we all know what cooling down was to Hitler.

The reason that I bring this subject up is that in Farrakhan's last speech he said that Hitler, in his opinion was the greatest man in history and when Negroes control this country they will get every Jew out odf this country.

Fellow Jews don't laugh. Sinclair Lewis wrote a book some time around WW2 called "It Can't Happen Here". ".

Of course it didn't happen here then, but it could happen here in the not too distant future.

In South Africa the Negroes are getting even with the Whites by killing them and taking possession of their property.


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