Tuesday 19 February 2019

Behind Wall$..................from Rico

Legendary Troy had a Wall, and Homer indicates it 'worked' pretty well (and was not a manufactured crisis, racist, or a conspiracy...or whatever tripe the dumpster juice Left is peddling today).
- Hadrian managed a Wall a bit later, and it still stands today.
- Then there's that YUGE Wall the Chinese built that (a) you can 'see' from outer space, but (b) Leftards manage to completely overlook.
Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters and the rest of their elitist asshole ilk ALL have Walls.
- And I could go 'on and on' like Tennyson's "Brook" with Wall examples, but let's get to my point here.
The US Government, spending tax-dollars harvested from their tax-serfs, fund$ Walls in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Libya.
- So WHY does the kollective Left refuse America a Wall?
That shit would come to a screeching halt if another kind of Wall were put into use...Prison Walls, for the traitors and enemies of American citizens.

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