Thursday 14 February 2019

Comrade Yuri has a few words for you................from Rico

How few seem to remember Nikita's words "we will bury you" or the brutal lessons of a century of Socialism [read: 100-120 million dead, not counting war casualties]?
- He was not being figurative, but literal. Socialism WILL bury you, at their soonest opportunity.
The "Socialist mindset" explained here by Comrade Yuri of the KGB is still very much extant [for Democrats read: with us, as in zeitgeist].
Read and heed. The fat lady hasn't yet sung. She hasn't even begun warming up yet.
- It ain't over...
PS - Related: Understand that the EU (European Union) was based upon the exact same Marxist BS that the former USSR (Soviet Union) was. The latter FAILED, the former WILL fail. The fact that leading Socialist a$$hole Soros is worried about the coming collapse of the EU should speak volumes to you, if you're not 'distracted' as you are intended to be.
- Soros, like most socialist elites follows the money like pigs follow truffles. He 'only' made $2bn breaking Greece...ever wonder how much is he making 'breaking EUrope? [Yes, the duplicitous socialists play both sides...including the Socialist Leftfather Soros.]

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