Friday 15 February 2019

Escape from New York-Tax Edition................from Rico

Let me begin by saying John Carpenter's 1981 film "Escape from New York" was both brilliant, far-sighted'''almost visionary. And it has almost come true all we need is a big beautiful wall, and Snake Plisskin.
- New York has today indeed become a veritable cesspit of criminals and rampant corruption from upstate in Albany to the SDNY, to crime-infested Manhattan.
- It is today (both the State and the City) the country's Maximum Diversity Tax-Prison.
And Comrade Cuomo (D) is "offended."
Governor "America was never great" Cuomo (Democrat aka Communist salad-tosser and retard) who is the leading, Tax Robber-baron in the State [not to be confused with Comrade Bill of NYC who prefers to be called "A#1" King of New York, btw] has just blamed his tax-shortfall of $2.3bn on the "tax-escapees" to Florida...and, of course (this IS a scripted Democrat talking point), it's all Trump's fault. [read: It's you, not me.]
- Why, the audacity! How dare the 'tax serfs' aka tax-payers deprive the 'tax-eaters' aka diversity parasites of the contents of their pockets!
This offends the Champagne Communists aka Democratic elite to no end..."all your money belong to us."

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Mark Matis said...

Unfortunately, those who "Escape from New York" bring their shithole politics with them to Florida. God damn them to hell.