Friday 1 February 2019

Flowers for Islam...............from Rico

In the Global Murder Olympics the Nazi's were Bronze Medalists compared to the Communist's Silver, and the Musloids Gold.
- In terms of numbers of human lives and potential erased from the gene pool, while Nazi's were barely in the running compared to the 'devout followers of the pedophile prophet' they are much more reviled and hated than anyone else. Why is that?
- Seriously. Why have the Democrats embraced (a) first Communism (a failed economic theory become a death cult), and then even more warmly (b) the death cult of Islam (which masquerades as a 'religion')?
Better 'PR' or 'press' you might say, since the Left controls both the public narrative and what is taught (and omitted) in schools.
My point?
- We are witness today to the 'Recline of Western Civilization' thanks to Leftists, Libruls, and their enablers.
- It's time to fight or die. Marche' et crevee...

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Mark Matis said...

You are lowballing Commie murders and using the tribe's numbers for raghead murders. Actual murders by ragheads are roughly 10% of the total you claim. And Commie murders are over 150 million. With significant help from the tribe in committing at least 50 million of those. They would have been glad to do more, but Franco stopped them in Spain. And then Hitler made sure they didn't get going in Germany.