Thursday 21 February 2019

Islamic Terrorist Remembers She's British And Wants to Go Home..............from Dan T

Don’t be fooled by the media appearances of Shamima Begum, the British citizen that voluntarily left the safety and security of Great Britain to live in the Islamic Caliphate that her death cult proclaims will take over the world and to which we will all eventually be subject whether we like it or not.

The choreographed media appearances portray a demur misguided schoolgirl who was radicalized on the internet and should therefore be allowed to return ‘home’ with her newborn baby.

The title of ‘jihadi bride’ reinforces the image of an innocent participant in bloody events she did not envisage but it hides the truth. Shamima Begum is an unrepentant terrorist who knew exactly what she was doing when she joined ISIS and traveled to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Prior to departing for the Caliphate, she was fully aware of the barbaric methods and punishments metered out to infidels and anyone who did not join the blood-soaked campaign to spread their evil cult across the middle east and beyond. By her own admission she was unfazed by the sight of severed heads and the mutilated bodies of her victims.

The truth is that the only reason she wants to return ‘home’ is because ISIS is defeated, and her beloved Caliphate has been erased. Had this not happened she would be happy to remain in the Islamic State making babies and supporting her husband has he raped, murdered and mutilated his way across the middle east in the name of Allah.

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Sabre22 said...

Since she likes the Medieval culture of the Caliphate. Then her punishment should be in the same vein. Some ideas Drawn and quartered and the body parts sent through muslim neighborhoods to show what happens to TRAITORS. Burned alive in a cage (like ISIS does). Beheading is to quick. Strung up with piano wire to die slowly.

Daniel Thomas said...

Gruesome stuff you are proposing but you make a good point. They want to live by their barbaric rules let them die by them also.