Tuesday 12 February 2019

Let's 'talk' about RuSSian Collu$ion...................from Rico

After two+ years (and how many millions of wasted tax dollars, and how many fake 'we got 'im this time' breathless 'news' stories) of Mueller's doing 'the Curly Shuffle' isn't it about damned time we talked about the REAL Russian Collusion and NOT the faux version which was manufactured to serve as a distraction for knuckleheads [think: Hey Moe! Look at the grouse!]?
After more Leftist nyuck-nyuck-nyuck's and ruff-ruff's than ever should have to be suffered by sentient and reasonably sane people, the hands that were actually IN the Ru$$ian Collu$ion 'cookie jar' still need to be punished and held to account.
- Slapped, too. Hard.

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