Friday 15 February 2019

Minnesota and the Slave of Allah................from Rico

Take a moment to put on your "I'm totally surprised!" face. 
- Go ahead, I'll wait.
Minnesota elected a Somali-born Muslima to represent them in Congress in 2018.
- Ilhan Abdullahi* Omar
She is consorting with the group that supported her and helped get her elected...CAIR (a declared 'terrorist' group).
- You won't see her anti-semitic Jew-hating terrorist ass in the line at the local Swedish smorgasbord any more than you will see her representing the natives of Minnesota.
She's a Democrat in name only, and a Muslim radical in reality. Uffda! She looks better in Hennipen County jail orange than she does on the floor of Congress, don'tcha know?
- Minnesota, she'll goat-fuck you in the name of Allah every chance that she gets, now that you elected her.
*For those unaware of Muslim naming conventions:
- Abdullah is the male form of "Slave of Allah"
- Abdullahi is the female form of "Slave of Allah"
Get it? You've been 'rolled' Minnesota...and not for the first time.


Mark Matis said...

Take a close look at her funding and you'll find tribe money there as well. "Reformed". Because after all, they hate Israel every bit as much as the ragheads do.

Anonymous said...

Sources differ but most say it means Servant of Allah rather than slave.

Given that Islam translates as 'submission', I don't really understand why you want to fight on that particular hill.

When you claim a fact that turn's out to be a stretch you will ultimately be preaching to the converted only - the undecided can easily check it up and conclude: 'that's not quite right', and then you will have lost them. There are much better hills to fight on, not least the fact that Mo approved of slavery in the literal sense.

All the best.