Thursday 28 February 2019

Offensive vs Offending...........................from Rico

Communists, lacking merit or substance, play clever 'games' with language to snooker and hoodwink the unwary. They have been at it since the Russian revolution, when the clear majority of Communists were called 'Mensheviks' [meaning the minority] and the almost negligible number of Communists (the radical ones we're still dealing with in one form or other today) were called 'Bolsheviks' [meaning the majority].
The times, how they have not changed. American Communists now call themselves Democrats, but to keep you confused they also call themselves Democratic Socialists...and if you haven't been keeping an eye on this mendacious bunch, the fact that they also called themselves liberals, progressives, antifa, or politically correct, or even sometimes socialists (with a small 's') may have quite eluded you.
- They are ALL the same, by any other name: Communists.
While I heartily agree with Stephen Fry's appraisal of "I'm offended" include his retort: Well, so fucking what?
In the interest of clarity(something the Communists hate more than facts, or Vampyres hate more than sunlight, garlic and Holy Water) let's dissect the Communist pc-word game being played with claiming to be "offended" via the words offensive vs offending:
- That's offensive: This puts the moral onus on the accused and targets everyone.
- That's offending: The moral onus is on the accuser who is the only one claiming to be offended. 
A subtle difference, but significant if you're the accused or the accuser.
- Yet, it does beg the question: Is the accuser merely confused, or just being an asshole? [synonym: Communist]

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