Monday 4 February 2019

Pelosi's San Fransicko...................from Rico

Nancy "walls are immoral" Pelosi, who helped stuff THE largest tax hike in US history up America's rectum (rectum? damned near killed 'em) aka ObamaCare "we have to pass it to see what's in it" not only talks out of both her faces, but her ass, simultaneously.
You see, Nancy 'needs' a big beautiful wall around her SFO home because:
1. San Francisco operates 15 High Schools with 16,000 students.
2. San Francisco has 24,500 injection drug users...out-numbering HS students. [SFO 'progressive' deep-thinking hands out free needles to injection drug users.]
3. She knows better than most what 'happens' when Democrats (C) run things.
This explains:
(a) 'why' this Democrat (C) harridan from Commiefornia gets her WALL, while America does not;
(b) her comfort with the notion of frequent and deep Botox injections to the head; and
(c) who her constituents are.
Democrat-run San Francisco is a contaminated shit hole, rivaling the nastiest shit holes to be found on the planet.
- But thanks to Democrats (C) the tons of shit on the streets is provided 'free' of charge [read: costing taxpayers millions to clean it up].
And reasonably sane people 'listen' to Democrats (C) in general, and Speaker Pelosi's opinions on anything, WHY?

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