Tuesday 12 February 2019

Socialist Immortality..................from Rico

Stupid springs eternal.
- I refer to the 'hopium' of Socialism.
Despite the abject failure of the socialist Mayflower Compact (1622) of the Plymouth colony, plus over 100 years of contemporary modern history, the wrongheaded 'mayflower' of Socialism refuses to die.
So, too, apparently does the flaming leftist heroine RBG aka Ginsdrunk of the SCOTUS. Have the current Socialists of the American Left deemed her immortal now?
- Over two months with no pictures, interviews, appearances...ad nauseum, one wonders IF she is so incapacitated and debilitated to the point she needs to be immediately replaced? Stat!
I personally am of the opinion that Ruth is effectively Tango Uniform but has been 'covered for' and publicly made to disappear by the selfsame Swamp Creatures who I also suspect of having literally 'disappeared' both Breitbart and Scalia...but that's just me being untrusting of the lying, murderous scumbags I know the Left to actually be behind their smiley-face masks.
- Leftists can not be trusted, ever...unless it's trusting that they will (a) fuck you from behind and (b) at their first opportunity. SCOTUS seats not exclusive to this allegory.


Anonymous said...

Could the Senate Judicial Committee hold a hearing and have RBG answer a couple of questions, just to do a "welfare check"? Under oath of course...

MSG Grumpy

Mark Matis said...

Please do note that she is of the tribe, but one surely cannot draw any conclusions.

ontoiran said...

can't trump ask her to come over for tea or something?