Tuesday 12 February 2019

T for Texas .....................from Rico

Thank God for Texas!
- They are seriously looking at building their own border wall between Texas and Mexico, since the US Congress seems to be incapable and dysfunctional in doing so.
Why do I say 'seems' you ask?
- Because the same Soros that was largely behind (and funded) the rapefugee transfer of population from Africa to displace EUropeans is behind the US Congressional 'failure' [read: refusal] to act on the matter.
Yes, George the former Nazi Collaborator and possibly the best-heeled America-hater on the planet [think: $$$$$] funds and 'owns' the Democrat party today, and funds the foreign invasion-mob-caravans from South of the US border.
- Democrats must obey, or Daddy Buck$ spanks...
So I reiterate. Thank God for Texas which has effectively said 'all y'awl' can go to Hell, this is Texas!
- Wall? Stand aside you tinhorn tenderfoot's and watch this, pilgrim!!!

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Mark Matis said...

It isn't merely Soros, but is many of the REST of the tribe as well. At least the "reformed" tribe. You can bet there are Bloomberg and Zuckerberg contributions. And Davos and the Bilderbergs, though many of them are non-tribe. But HIAS is. And they are the primary funding, support, and planning for the illegal alien invasion of every Western nation, with the goal of destroying national sovereignty and wiping Western culture off the face of the earth. Of course the Koch brothers and the Chamber of Commerce and the Lutherans are in there as well, but their contributions are piddly compared to those of the tribe.