Sunday 10 February 2019

Texan Marxists in Congress................from Rico

Once upon a time, there was a place known as Texas. It had a city called Houston.
- Houston today has three Representatives to Congress. All three of them Democrats, and all three very much beloved by the Communist Party USA (CP-USA) who considers them to be "Progressive Marxists" who are 'leading the struggle' in Congress.
It has been asked and/or opined by some if-and/or-why the Congressional Rep's from Houston were all dumb as rocks? [I speak here of Democrats Sheila Jackson-lee, Al Green, and Sylvia does the CP-USA website, btw]
- These three are "all hat, and no cattle" in Texan parlance, but they are full of Communism and whatever 'hats' they wear have Red Stars upon them...not the Lone Star of Texas.
Q: Dumb as rocks?
A: Progressive Marxists aka Democrats.
Sam Houston and the other true Texans, heros all, must be spinning in their graves...


Mark Matis said...

Have you bothered to look at Austin? And then there's Dallas as well. And never forget the entire Shrub clan is "Texan". In that state, most of the GOP are Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Sam Houston, Crockett and Bowie are searching their graves for fresh ammo. If there was ever an excuse to come back from the dead and begin shooting, it is these three butt munchers.