Tuesday 12 February 2019

To the moon Nancee.................from Rico

I doubt very many still recall Jacky "The Great One" Gleason's shtik 'To the moon Alice. To the moon!' from his TV series "The Honeymooner's" as character Ralph Cramden.
- I do.
While a gentleman never strikes a woman, there ARE some moments when they richly deserve a good shot to the chops for having gone too far.
- I've seen that sudden realization in their eyes a few times:
- 'Oops! Guess I went too far with that.' 
followed almost immediately with a look of relief
- 'Well, he won't hit me...even if I do deserve it.'
Even IF it precludes my ever holding elected office, I have to freely admit here that when I look at that Smvg Cvnt aka Nancee Pelosi the first thing that comes to mind is 'The Great One's' "To the moon Nancee. To the moon!"

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jwenting said...

"While a gentleman never strikes a woman,"

Wrong, the phrase is "a gentleman never strikes a lady"

Nancy Pelosi isn't a lady. Even classifying her as a woman is only technically correct, and in her very own far left ideology a mortal offense.