Monday 18 February 2019

Wall Edition: Then the Democrats Make Sense................from Rico

IF Democrat Speaker Botox Pelosi's having put Socialist retard Dyslexia D-NY on the House Financial Services Committee wasn't enough to convince you that Democrats (a) don't know shit about economics, (b) don't give a shit about economics, (c) don't give a shit about spending your money, or (d) all of the above...then try these three examples for  shits 'n giggles in comparison to the $5.7 billion Trump futilely asked CONgress for:
- Ytd 2019 cost of no Wall $19 billion.
- New Orleans gets a Wall $60 billion.
- Iran gets $150 billion, America gets nothing.
BUT...the good news is...if you let CNN 'Lib'splain' it to you and you just look at this through their magic Libtard goggles, THEN Democrats make perfect sense!

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