Tuesday 26 February 2019

WHO's in charge Dyslexia?................from Rico

James Woods, as usual, hits the nail (or the Socialist) on the proverbial head.
- Dyslexia, the Democrat Communist princess has the 'idea' that (a) she's somehow 'in charge' of the people, and (b) that she is now their 'boss.'
She's just another typical Socialist asshole.
Socialists believe that 'people' belong to the State, and they treat them accordingly...like cattle, or sheep.
'We the people' believe that (a) elected representatives work for them, and (b) that Government aka the State is supposed to work for them as well.
- Need a comparison? Look at North Korea vs. South Korea, or the PRC (China, not Commiefornia) vs. Taiwan.
Small wonder the Democrat (C) 'establishment' is pissed at Dyslexia, she's far too open about what they really think.
- And, in the process of revealing the fugly side of Socialism, Dyslexia just walked 'on the fightin' side' of a lot of normal folks who just want to be left alone, and to be their own boss.
Fuck Off Dyslexia, oh...and Eat Shit instead of talking it.

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