Tuesday, 19 March 2019

About that Trump VETO..............from Rico

Trump did the right thing for America with his first Veto of the traitors and criminals in CONgress.
- He also sent a clear 'message' to the swamp things that the massive 'swamp drainage project' would continue.
Of course, the Leftards were perfectly OK with Obunghole's "I have a phone and a pen" when he was shoving them up America's ass without lubrication and using the Constitution as toilet paper.
- Now the usual Comrades are feeling severe butthurt over Trump's use of his Presidential...er, pen.
Aaaand, on top of the obvious FU here, there's the painful reality (for the Lefties, anyway) that Uncle Barry has actually left the building...and the locks have been changed.
And in other "news" for the remaining 9 viewers of CNN:
- Hillary is still NOT President.

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