Thursday 14 March 2019

Cars, Wimmin' and a Life Lesson'................from Rico

Cars, Wimmin' and a Life Lesson:
Eatgrueldog had a 'meme' on his Blog of Dyslexia asking if the idiot light meant she got '3 wishes' which reminded me of both my first new car and my first new wife.
- Both were beautiful, and both had to be dumped.
New car. Admittedly I went out on a limb for a pretty and sporty model with leather seats, etc-etc. It was great to look at and fun to drive. I didn't get to drive it often, as the wifely unit commandeered it for her use.
- One evening wife complained that the car was hard to handle and was making a 'noise'...would I look at it? I did. A quick visual said all four 'new' Michelin tires were effectively flat. A subsequent trip to the corner gas station confirmed that there was 5# of air in each tire...and the dipstick was DRY. When the mechanic and I quit laughing and wiped the tears from our eyes, we agreed my wife was probably not bright enough to know what a flat tire looked like (much less four of 'em) or what that 'check oil' idiot light meant (check the oil).
- I got rid of that car at auction in short order.
New wife. Not quite up to the level of 'adding oil' as demonstrated here [attached .gif], she was great to look at and fun to drive, though I didn't get to drive as often as I would have liked.
- It took longer, but I eventually got rid of her too.
Life lesson. If I ever want that 'new car smell' I'll buy my mistress a leather skirt.

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