Wednesday 6 March 2019

Democrat (C) 'Coincidence' in Lock-step...............from Rico

Nothing, but nothing, the Marxist centrally-planned Democrats (C) do is by 'coincidence'...everything is planned in advance, and all party members (inner and outer party) march in lock-step 'or else' they go on the list.
In the past 24-hours Bloomberg-Hillary-Holder have ALL said they will not be running in 2020.
- Coincidence? Not.
The random odds of these three nationally-prominent Democrat (C) politicians almost simultaneously announcing the withdrawal of their candidacies are almost as great as 'winning' six consecutive coin tosses [remember Hillary's Iowa primary?].
Have the owners and masters of the DNC already decreed who the 'chosen one for 2020' will be, and disseminated their diktat via back-channel throughout the inner party?
- Hmmm, this leaves an intersting second-string like Kamalatoe, Shartacus, Moochelle, Oprah, and Stacy Abrams etc.
Whomever it will be, be confident that they will be anti-American and as toxic a poison-pill choice as possible for the Republic.
- And their usual comrades will obediently jump on the MSM wagon to 'sell' a political monstrosity of a pig's ear while disguising it as a silk purse as possible. [remember Obama, Hillary?]

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