Friday 1 March 2019

Democrat Dolchstoss*..................from Rico

Democrats keep stabbing America in the back [translation: dolchstoss*], and they aren't shy about using their newly stolen 'control' of CONgress to do it.
- Think: Et tu Democrats.
Convicted liar Cohen's (who IS headed to prison) CONgressional 'testimony' in a Stalinesque show trial conducted before a kangaroo court was coordinated in advance with Schiff, the DNC, and Crooked Hillary's equally crooked mouthpiece and 'fixer' Lanny Davis...who 'coincidentally' is representing Cohen [read: supervising, managing and guiding].
The Gambino heir was right about prison inmates hating 'rats' and intimating Cohen may well be whacked in stir.
- Equally possible for Cohen are scenarios reminiscent of "Deliverance" where his future fellow inmates suggest 'whyn'cha drop them there pants, boy' and speculate that he 'sure has a pretty mouth.'
While the DemocRATS (C) do LOVE their liars [think: in the past 6-months, they have sponsored Christine Blasey Ford, Nathan Phillips, and Jussie Smollett....and now Michael Cohn], Americans do not, like the inmates ref infra they also hate rats.
- Especially the American citizens who 'see' they are already virtual inmates in the Social Democrat prison being built around them by the Democrats (C).

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