Monday 4 March 2019

Dyslexia's Amazing Technicolor Green New Deal Scam...............from Rico

Dyslexia, current darling of the Marxists, was only too proud and happy to put her name on sponsorship of the 'Green New Deal' and lie about being the inspiration for it/authoress of it because that what her ma$ters told her to do. [Think: $oro$ & Co.; Green is the new Red].
- It was pre-written long ago, packaged, and ready to launch as part of the American Left's long-standing pre-planned and witting assault upon America. ['Green' plan: bankrupt America, eliminate all viable energy sources thus crippling it, plus mass casualties=a Marxist's wet dream.]
In contrast, Dyslexia's collar and cuffs do not exactly 'match' according to her campaign filings. Despite her campaign HQ being a brief walk to NYC's subway/metro, they spent:
- $25,174 on air travel
[the Bronx is bigger than it looks 'ya know]
- $29,366 on ride-shares (Uber-Lyft)
[ditto above]
- $8,335 on metro fares
Dyslexia claims she "walked"...
Greenpeace co-founder calls her "A pompous little twit."
- I call her "A lying Communist twat."

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