Tuesday 5 March 2019

Great Britain and America's Last Stand.................from Dan T

Watching the antics of the political elite in both the British Parliament and the American Congress one can only conclude that they are coordinated attempts to overthrow the people.

In Great Britain’s cities crime including robbery, violent assault and murder are out of control. The murder rate in gun free London is higher than New York with knives being the weapon of choice.

In addition to this, Muslim paedophile gangs are still raping young white girls on an industrial scale, jihadis returning from the middle east battlefields are on the loose threatening murder and mayhem, economic migrants are streaming across the English Channel, homelessness is an epidemic, there is a shortage of school places, health care provision and infrastructure both physical and social.

Freedom of speech is being curtailed as police ignore real crimes and concentrate their diminishing resources monitoring social media for so-called ‘hate speech’ in order to impose political correctness on behalf of the government.

The economies of the Eurozone are tanking into recession and all the ruling elite can do in Parliament is spend its valuable time using every dirty trick in the book to reverse the result of the Brexit referendum and keep the British people tied to the corrupt and failing European Union (EU).

In other words, they are in the process of overthrowing the people.

Meanwhile in the United States of America there is a similar story.  The economy is $22 trillion dollars in debt, illegal economic immigrants are streaming across the porous southern border, tens of thousands are dying due the opioid crisis, hundreds more are being murdered at the hands of illegal immigrants.

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