Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Inflation? What inflation?................from Rico

I remember 1976. I remember it very well.
- I 'think' of the attached every-single-time I read some happy horseshit about (a) the FED, and (b) the FED's 'target inflation rate' of 2%...then I shit and think of Maynard-fucking-Keynes.
Compare these 1976 numbers to your reality TODAY.
- Now convince me I'm being a bit too 'harsh' on old Maynard and/or the FED...go on, I double-dog dare 'ya!

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drew458 said...

Minimum wage: $2.15 / hour
no-name loaf of bread (eg Big Gold Top) 3/$1

My mom used to fill a shopping cart at the grocery store, and the bill would be about $75. 8 big brown paper bags worth.