Friday 15 March 2019

It's a Big 'Club' and Trump ain't 'in' it................from Rico

It's a Big Club, and Trump's not in it...and neither are you Mr & Mrs American.
- Oh, and the 'Club' doesn't like you very much either.
I'm talking about 'why-on-earth' would 12 Republicans [RINO's and #NeverTrumper's all] join the Democrats (C) in voting against Trump's declaration of a national emergency at the border [read: against border security and for borders open to all comers]? WTF?
- Because: Money, and the Big Club has plenty of it [read: Donohoe's Chamber of Commerce and Big Business]...and Mitch McConnell runs the Senate Branch of the C-of-C.
- Because: Money 'talks' and American voters are told to fuck-off and take a hike yet again...right along with the same message to Trump [read: stop 'bucking' our system and do as WE say 'or else' we'll fuck you up...].
To maintain a credible 'threat'...and that's just what it is, a threat to Trump and American interests...
Crapweasel McConnell held-back his 'reserves' in this battle. Remember these seven fellow C-of-C pissboys and keep an eye on them. They are all members of McConnell's 'team-RINO' serving Donohoe's C-of-C:
- Barasso
- Cornyn
- Crapo
- Gardner
- Sasse
- Thune
- Tillis

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