Saturday, 23 March 2019

Let's HOPE....................from Rico

The inhumanly cruel 'Caliphate' that ISIS ruled is dead...but the twisted Islamic 'dream' is not.
The 'Calphate' crumbled as soon as its creator, financial backer, arms supplier, and 'protector' Barry Soetoro (who assumed the fake name of Barack Hussein Obama) was OTH (over the horizon).
- Trump promised to bomb the shit out of ISIS. He kept his promise.
Don't know what the 'shahada' is? It's the Muslim handsign used by ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood to (a) make a statement, and (b) as a recognition signal to other Musloids.
- Look at Barry giving the 'shahada' hand sign, then look at the clear indication of Muslim Brotherhood Morsi's smile of recognition.
- Here are a couple more pics of Muslim assholes giving the 'shahada' hand sign.
Have you 'figured out' yet that Barry was NOT on Christian America's...or the West's...side?
- May pig shit be upon him!

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Mark Matis said...

Never fear. The CIA is working their best right now to reconstitute them as soon as possible. With full help from MI6 and the BND. After all, those agencies are where ISIS came from in the first place. Or why do YOU think that Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi that day, since the embassy is in Tripoli?