Monday 11 March 2019

Let's Play A Game...........from Rico

With nothing better to worry about, CommiePhonia has made plastic straws illegal; illegal aliens not so much.
Hey, things are great in THE Left Coast state:
- Least educated state (out of Obama's 57).
- One-party rule [read: DemoCommies & AristoCommies].
- Toothsome Newsom Guv.
- Free medical care for all comers.
- CalPers broke.
- High-speed rail failed and +$1bn in the hole.
- US champeens for absolutely batshit crazy women in Congress [think: Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein].
- I could go on-and-on like Tennyson's "Brook" but you get the idea here.
What's to 'worry' about?
Instead of worrying, let's play a game:
- Can you spot the illegal plastic straws?


Karl Schmidt said...

Straws .... where?

Sabre22 said...

What plastic Straw?

Lola said...

What plastic straws?