Monday 4 March 2019

Running on Empty.................from Rico

You can smell the fear, hear the hysterical panic.
- The Democrats [read: America's Communists] are losing, and running on empty.
You'd not know it for the bravado spewing forth from their propaganda arm, the MSM, or their public figures (when speaking publicly btw, it's a different story in private) but they are on the run.
Looking at the serious trouble the increasingly empty malls of America, which are looking more like a George Romero set every day as retail chains close stores, the 'news' that electric car dead-fantasy-walking aka Tesla is closing all of its retail locations (all located in malls) combined with the Chapter 11 retailer filings since 2016 leaves the food courts and Apple stores in malls...but little else.
- What struck me was (a) the map of Tesla mall locations that will be closing compared to (b) the Hillary archipeligo from the 2016 election.
Fantasies and dreams die hard, especially when they crash headlong into hard reality and fact.
- No one is 'buying' the BS that either Tesla or the Democrat-MSM combine is selling.

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