Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Tax Day Approaches- April 15th....................from Rico

Be sure to pay your taxes, happy tax-serfs!
- Unless you're Democrat-connected like Al Sharpton or Amazon, then you don't pay taxes. [Excuse me, did I 'forget' Dyslexia Ocrazio-Cortex? Yeah, the Democrat-Socialist [read: Communist] CONgresscritter from NYC still owes back taxes on a past business...]
Don't be depressed as you prepare to take it up the pooper tax-wise, Sparky! It could be worse...
- You could be a resident of New Jersey where the Democrat [read: Socialist] Governor has signed into LAW a 'rain tax'...yeah, you read that right, a 'rain tax'...what next, the air you breathe? [think: save the planet from dreaded CO2-Carbon Dioxide].
Ahhh New Jersey, where residents 'pay' a 12.2% State & Local tax burden and 'celebrate' Tax Freedom Day on May 13th (ranking it 49th out of 50...or 57 if you voted Obama).*
Democratic-Socialism can do this for YOU!
- Think Again 2020
*Tax Foundation

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