Thursday 14 March 2019

The "Progressive" Control Fantasy-Think.Breath​e.Eat.Shit...................from Rico

The "Progressives" aka DemoCommunists have one very sick control fantasy. It's (a) never 'enough' for them, and is thus (b) relentless and never-ending.
- They want to decide for you [read: control] what you Think, Breathe, Eat, and Shit. Connect the dots for yourselves.....
- It's not by 'accident' that Fake News is literally spoon-fed aka shoveled to the masses. You are what you think, and if you think shit, you are shit...but we'll come full-circle back to shit in a bit.
- Fake Science (not content with Fake Climate Change) has just declared that 'the air Americans breathe is not equal' via the national Academy of Science and the Social Justice Warriors are demanding 'Air Justice' for all. Bill Nye, the Fake Science Guy, is wetting himself with glee. Breathing? Why that's raaaacisssss!!
- Communist Comrade-Mayor DeBlasio of NYC has issued a 'Meatless Mondays' Diktat to fight Fake Climate Change and 'save' the earth, channeling Seinfeld's 'Soup Nazi' and in effect parroting NYC's Communist CONgresscritter Dyslexia by saying "no cow farts for YOU!" Gee, Venezuela ran out of food under Socialism and Commie DeBlasio preemptively decides what food you will...or will not...get to eat. Figure the odds.
- I promised you we'd get back to this. Doubling-down on 'control' [read: Socialist Stupid]...and I am NOT making this one up...Comrade DeBalsio's office just issued guidelines on what you should put in your toilet. Let me rephrase that: what you are allowed to put into your toilet. This is NO SHIT! While everyone loves a good 'dump' today's toilet news from the Communist toilet widely known as NYC is a real load!

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